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New Cloud Vape Pen™ Accessories Coming Soon…

New Cloud Pen Glass on Glass Water Pipe Attachament Accessories are hand made in Good Ole USA and will soon be Available ONLINE in variety of colors, 14mm and 18mm sizes.


ImageINTENDED FOR TOBACCO USE ONLY! 🔞🔞🔞 **Water pipe not included**

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NEW **Limited Edition 420 CLOUD Pen™ 2.O Release Tonight ONLINE ONLY

LIMITED EDITION 420 CLOUD PENS ! (Limited to only 100pcs made) Will release ONLINE tonight at 4:20PM pst ! CLOUDPENZ.COM

The CLOUD Pen™ 2.O Includes everything you need for the ultimate in portable vaporization:

1 pc. Cloud Pen™ Lithium Ion Battery(Matte Black)

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Mouthpiece(Slime Green)

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Atomizer

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Dry Herb Atomizer

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Wall Adapter

1pc. Cloud Pen™ Wired USB Charger

1pc. Cloud Pen™ User Manual

CLOUD Pen™ 2.0 Features:

Longer Lasting Lithium Ion Battery Life (about 50% stronger)

Inverted color of CLOUD Pen™ Button (for more discreet use)

Green LED Back-lit button (instead of blue)

NEW Heavy Duty Atomizer

**NEW CLOUD Pen™ Dry Herb Atomizer Releasing Online Tonight

**NEW CLOUD Pen™ Dry Herb Atomizer Realeasing Online Tonight at 9PM PST only at CLOUDPENZ.COM

Retail: $25

The Cloud Pen™ Dry Herb Atomizer can also be used with essential oils.

The atomizer is THE heating element that heats up The Cloud Pen™ and turns herb into a vapor. One end snaps snuggly into the battery and the other end fits the mouth piece. It consists of a small pot or chamber, which holds a reserve of the oil. There is a metal coil/wire, which draws in the liquid from the cartridge to a wick. The heating element heats up the herb and turns it into a vapor, which is then drawn back through vent in the mouthpiece by the user. The atomizer is often the source of issues with performance and taste.
** You MUST break in/season the atomizer with herb before first use, to achieve the full flavor and taste.
The cartridge and mouthpiece should be aligned properly to reduce the chances of melting the sides of the cart. Although it’s not obvious, there is a proper way to attach the mouthpiece to the atomizer. The atomizer bridge should be perpendicular to the long sides of the mouthpiece. If you look inside the atomizer, you’ll see a shape at the bottom that resembles the shape of the mouthpiece. Match those directions when inserting the mouthpiece into the atomizer.

Some signs that your atomizers may need cleaning are:

-Reduced vapor production
 -Hard or difficult draw
 -Burnt/Harsh taste
The atomizers, by design, are not meant to last forever. However, you may be able to extend the life of your atomizer and improve performance with occasional cleaning. There are many tried and UN-proven methods for cleaning, some more successful than others. Most agree that occasionally blowing out the atomizer is a safe practice, as the oil tends to build up in the atomizer.
**It’s recommended that you use a fresh atomizer for each flavor, as it’s difficult to get certain flavors,  out of the atomizer wick. So, get a new atomizer for each flavor you use. Some people label their atomizers or color code it with paint/nail polish. You can also put the atomizer, into a Ziploc Snack Bag, to keep them organized.